Lend a Helping Hand

We could not serve the hundreds of families in our community with needs for our services without the generous and heartfelt donation of time and energy from our many volunteers. We especially invite volunteerism by our former clients who have moved on to enjoy more normalized family relationships because of their relationship with Hannah's House.

There are so many ways to help whether it be for a few hours, a day, or an ongoing commitment! Please ask us! We always have new opportunities!

Animal Care Assistant: 3 hours 2 times per week
Client Reception/Support: minimum of 3 hours per week
Waiting Room Docent: 1-3 hours 2-3 times per week
Turtle Tour Helper: Tuesdays 530-8 pm
Children's Group Helper: Wednesdays 6-7 pm & Fridays 530-7 pm
Playground Custodian: Cleanup and Organize 2-3 times per week
Water Bottle Attendant: Refill Bottles 2-3 times per month
Muralists: By Appointment
Handyman: Periodic

Craft Project Maven: Create and set up at your convenience

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