Programs & Services


Our goal is to help your family make a successful transition through your family change process. We help with affordable and accessible family therapies and services tailored to your family needs. For family court we provide supervised visitation and SAfe exchange services. For all of our families, We provide education, training and therapy to help parents succeed in becoming the best possible parent and co-parent they can. We help children learn the skills & competencies they need to happily navigate the family changes. We create peace in the families we serve and in the communities in which we all live.

Our menu of services is designed to support parents and children through family challenges. We support through each stage of the family change, including a breakup / family change process from the trauma of a separation or an unexpected loss/challenge to a new and effective family structure. If you have a need for a service that is unique to your family situation, please talk with us about that and we will work to provide the support you need.

Services include: 

Agency-based / home-based / community-based Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange; Full range of therapies specifically designed for families in transition due to unexpected life changes/losses; Individual educational classes conducted by therapists: Co-Parenting, Emotion/Anger Management, Positive Parenting, Infant/Toddler Care, Teen Care;High Conflict Co-parenting Therapy (Individual & Co-parenting Couple); Parent Coordinator; Child-in-the-middle individual therapy (8-13); Mom's House / Dad's House Play Therapy for young children 3-7); Home Studies (for parents exiting prison, long-term treatment, custody hearings); Home Safety Checks (for parents inexperienced in parenting young children); Random Home Welfare Checks (for substance abusing parents); Reunification Therapy (offered in agency, home, and community); Forensic Substance Use Disorder Assessments and Individual Adult Counseling; Free Weekly Support Groups for Moms, Dads, Children 2-13; Human-Animal Bond Services to facilitate visitation, exchange and therapy services; Family Resource Center providing free monthly co-parenting workshops, family art projects for agency and home, and an individualized referral program for medical, dental, transportation, housing, child care, employment, furniture, clothing, infant and toddler furnishings and supplies, and other needs of our Hannah’s House families.

- All services at Hannah’s House are individualized to the needs of the family so please ask questions and tell us what you need. -