our story

children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.
— john f. kennedy

All children need and deserve the love and care of parents and other adults who nurture and protect them.

Hannah's House is a family center that provides a safe place for children caught in the middle of Family Court custody disputes, a place where children can come together with their parents in a nurturing, supportive and protective environment.

We help kids safely spend time with parents who are overcoming issues affecting their ability to parent independently.  We help parents through a variety of classes: parenting, co-parenting, anger management, and substance abuse; and multiple therapies specifically designed for Family court-involved parents and children. Hannah's House works to prevent family violence/abductions during break-up/transition of the family.  We reduce conflict in the families & communities we serve.

Our Village is focused on building something incredible. We are invested in the future of each and every child that walks through our doors, just as we've been for the last 30 years.


1988 - Founded as Griffin & Wong Institute for Education & Training
1993 – Nonprofit incorporation to reduce substance abuse and its related family problems through training, education, and counseling; special focus on Family Court parents and children
1996 – Began offering training to Professional Providers of Supervised Visitation in San Diego County
1998 – Access to Visitation Grant - Family Court Focus for Nonprofit Mission of reducing substance use and its related family problems in our community
2003 –  California Endowment Grant
2004 – 1st Las Patronas Foundation Grant
2007 – 2nd Las Patronas Foundation Grant
2010 – 3rd Las Patronas Foundation Grant
2011 - Achieved San Diego Foundation Valued Partner Status
2012 – Weingart Foundation Grant
2013 - 4th Las Patronas Foundation Grant
          - New Location in Kearny Mesa
2014 - Recipient of the Barbara Christensen Heart of San Diego Award from St. Germaine Children's Charity
          - 1st St. Grermaine Grant
2015 - National Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys Grant Award
2016 - Thursday Club Grant
         - Achieved Guidestar Gold Status
         -  2nd St. Germaine Grant
2017 - 5th Las Patronas Foundation Grant
         – Achieved Guide Star Platinum Status
2018 - Cushman Foundation "Making A Difference For San Diego" Grant

Our Namesake Story

Our organization started out with the idea that we would train professionals in a wide variety of fields to understand the impact of substance abuse. We planned to have a family program where the knowledge and skills could be practiced. Much to our surprise, San Diego needed something that looked a little different.

We created a diverse advisory council in 1988 that worked with us for the first 5 years to figure out how to apply our mission in ways that would truly benefit our community. the result? we continued to train professionals from many fields, but the emphasis of our training and education work shifted more directly to families suffering from the combined challenges of family breakup, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, and emotional challenges; and to the professionals working to help these families.

Meet our Executive Director, Susan Griffin.