Bridges Family Program


Bridges came about in response to the needs of the thousands of San Diego families we have served since 1988 who have special needs that the usual community systems may not be aware of so typically do not offer. Many of these special needs require services in the home or in the community. Bridges exists to meet these needs.

Bridges offers specially-trained staff who provide a variety of critical services specific to families who are restructuring life because of a breakup or a some other significant change in the family. Some families need professional therapy and psycho-educational offered in the home instead of an agency -- Bridges can help with that.

Some families need help with transferring property from one house to the other after a family breakup. The transfer may be court-ordered but the court doesn’t address how such transfers will be handled -- Bridges can help with that. Some families need a Home Safety Check of a new home or a home where the children have never visited -- Bridges can help with that. 


how we help

  • Property Transfers

  • Gift Transfers

  • Mail Service to assist with gifts to and from a distant parent

  • Home Safety Checks

  • Home Studies

  • Home Welfare Checks

  • Hospital Visitations

  • Facilitated Family Visitations

  • Home-based Parent and Co-Parent Coaching/Education

  • Home-based Infant/Toddler Care Coaching/Education

  • Home-based Family Therapy / Parent Child Interactive therapy

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Staff selected for this program are highly trained and experienced Team Members with advanced training; they meet the very highest standards of professionalism.

Staff are required to participate in regular ongoing continuing education, consultation, and case presentations

Therapists are licensed or license-eligible registered therapist associates, interns, and trainees.

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