2Home Kids - Getting Started


Step 1 - Screening

Monday through Wednesday between 9am - 5pm, by appointment OR Click Here-Online Form

Step 2 - Providing Documentation, Intake Forms and Payment

Email or drop-off copies of court documents (ie court orders, restraining orders, Family Court Services reports, etc), proof of income, and copy of ID

Intake Forms (emailed to you) should be completed and emailed, mailed or brought in person (prior to scheduling orientation)

Pre-payment to sign up for orientation is REQUIRED 

  • $60 - each adult legal party for Supervised Visits or Exchanges
  • $30 - Transport Person (authorized person to drop-off/pick-up *Restrictions may apply)
  • $0 - Children's Turtle Tour (Mandatory Orientation for kids)

Step 3 - Orientation

Tuesdays 5:30 - 8:00pm - Class Setting ($60)

"Special Orientations" (Scheduled any other time - BASED ON AVAILABILITY) can be scheduled upon request ($100)


Administrative staff will make sure all documentation and required paperwork is on file and prepare the case file for service delivery. 

Legal Review & Scheduling for Safe Exchanges can be expedited if both parties agree on the schedule and there are no Restraining Orders in place. All DV filings must be provided in advance of the first exchange.

Step 5 - Scheduling


Both parties must agree to schedule. The goal is permanent time slots for routine and consistency for the children!

SERVICE DELIVERY HOURS: Monday-Friday 8am - 8pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am - 6pm

Step 6 - Service Delivery

Financially Responsible Party Pays co-pay based on our Sliding Fee Scale

Step 7 - Court Reports (Fees apply) 

Reports are distributed to ALL LEGAL PARTIES, by law. 

Court Reports will not be processed until FULL Payment for the report has been received. If either party has a negative balance at time of the report distribution, the report WILL NOT be released until the balance is cleared. 

Email us for a quote on the Court Report cost.