We are the clinical therapy program of Hannah's House, a nonprofit children's charity which provides a network of support that brings peace to the lives of children challenged by complex family transitions.

Parents and children need and deserve care and support when coping with the challenges of family separation, divorce, paternity, custody and visitation. Transitions was created to offer complete therapeutic services in one location to assist family members of all ages and needs make successful transitions when facing challenging changes in the family.

Need specialized services for you family as you deal with Family Court?

Check out our Transitions Family Program services:
* Child Therapy
* Parent-Child Interactive Therapy
* Conjoint Therapy
* Reunification Therapy
* Parent Coordinator
* FCS Preparation
* High Conflict Co-parenting Couples Therapy
* Forensic Substance Use Disorder Assessments
* Custody Mediation
* One-on-one Co-parenting Classes
* One-on-One Parenting Classes
* One-on-One Emotion Management Classes - It is Not Just About Anger!
* One-on-One Infant/Toddler Class
* Family Screens & Teens Intervention Program
* FREE Support Groups for Moms, Dads, and Kids
* FREE Monthly Parenting Workshop for Hannah's House Coparents
* Individualized Home-based Therapy
* Web-based Telehealth Individual Therapy & Consultation