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Since 1988, Hannah's House has served the San Diego community, protecting children during difficult family transitions. Hannah's House is a non-government-funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides services to families dealing with the stresses of family court, divorce, separation, and child custody concerns.

We are a small but mighty children's charity dedicated to creating a brighter tomorrow for children by providing a safe place for conflict-free family time. We offer 4 programs to help our families: Agency-based supervised visitation & safe exchange; Community/home-based supervised visitation & safe exchange; Therapy programs for Family Court parents and children; and a Family Resource Center. 


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Funded solely by individuals, organizations and foundations; we receive no government monies and are proud of our broad community support. 

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National Supervised Visitation Month

Hannah's House will be featuring different activities and events throughout the month of May in honor of National Supervised Visitation Month. We encourage you to join us whenever you can!